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These are some of our Services

Computer Repairs

computer repairs

We know how valuable your data is, so we can save it and put a backup file back on your desktop after wiping or fixing your computer. We ensure that your laptop or computer is fixed in the shortest possible time. Has your computer slowed down? Let us super charge it for you! We offer a complete PC & Laptop Trouble Shooting Diagnosis.

Virus and Spyware Removal

virus removal

With an estimated 300 new viruses created each month, keeping a computer free of viruses is a daunting but not impossible task. We clean infected systems and help to ensure that you are protected.

Microsoft Windows Problems

Microsoft windows problems

Our service is designed for small business’s & Families, We Promise not to baffle you with GEEK speak! We offer new windows installation as well as windows upgrade services. If your windows has crashed, we will repair it for you.

Home & Office Networks

network problems

Looking for fast on-site service?  Well you've come to the right place.We aim to provide the best possible networking solutions for your home or business needs. We do both network troubleshooting and installation. If your network has gone down or you want to setup a new network or even if your wireless has just gone down then give us a call.

Data Recovery

data recovery

In the world of computers, nothing is as important as your data. After a data loss, the costs and hassles to recreate the data can be enormous. If your windows has crashed and you are worried about your valuable data, give us a call and we can help.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

hardware/software upgrades

When your Computer or Laptop stops working, it could mean physical damage is present. Instead of replacing your entire PC, we can repair the damaged unit and save you quite a lot of money.